Frequently asked questions

1 What is the concept of Villa Primavera ?
2 Why stay at Villa Primavera ?
3 Neighbourhood FAQ
4 Apartments FAQ
5 Reservation FAQ

What is the concept of Villa Primavera ?

Villa Primavera proposes fully-furnished and fully-equipped apartments to rent for short stays from a few nights to a few months. Our guests do not need to purchase anything else than their food. All the basic cooking utensils needed are available in the apartment's kitchen. The monthly charges (water, gas, electricity) as well as the cable TV and broadband Internet access are included in the rates for your convenience.

We are not a hotel, and therefore we do not have a reception, do not serve breakfast or do not have maid service. For tenants staying for a few months, the cleaning of the apartment should be arranged with a cleaning company independent from us.

Why stay at Villa Primavera ?

We cater to tourists, business people, government officials, relatives of expats in Belgium, or people looking for long-term accommodation. There are many reasons to choose to stay with us :

  • cheaper than a hotel
  • more space than in a hotel room
  • central and convenient location
  • feels like home
  • rates decrease with length of stay
  • better equipped than a hotel room
  • possibility of cooking
  • possibility to have one's own door bell for stays over 3 months

What is included in the price ?

Our rates include all the following charges for your convenience. Cleaning during your stay is not included, but cleaning equipment is at your disposal for free.

Description Value (average for 1 month)
Charges (water, heating, electricity, highspeed Internet access, digital cable TV) worth 150 €
Furniture, bed linen, towels, household equipment worth 150 €
Private parking space in front of the house
(flats in the Residenza Montgomery only) :
worth 100 €
Value of the monthly charges
included in the rental price
worth 300 €
(400 € with parking)

Neighbourhood FAQ

Is the neighbourhood safe and quiet ?

Yes, absolutely ! Villa Primavera "Royal Park" is located in the upper town part of the historic centre, where the Royal Palace, Parliament, and major government institutions and embassies are located. Because of this, the police presence and security is higher than anywhere else in the capital. The neighbourhood is particularily quiet in the evening and at weekends, when government officials are not working.

Villa Primavera "Montgomery" is located in an upper-class residential neighbourhood - one of the best places to live in Brussels. Despite being on a big boulevard, rooms are remarkably quiet thanks to special sound-proof windows.

Is there parking space available ?

The Montgomery house has its private parking space, free of charge. Due to its extremely central location, the "Royal Park" house only has the street to park in. However, it is unusually easy to park in our street, often just in front of the house. Street parking is free of charge on Sundays, and other days from 6pm to 9am. A one-day ticket cost 15 €.

Are there supermarkets in the area ?

Yes ! The nearest supermarket from the "Royal Park" house is Carrefour Express, only 100m away (2 min walk), just across the boulevard, in front of Madou metro station. It is open from Sunday to Friday from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm. Another Carrefour Express at Arts-Loi station (5 minutes walk) is also open on Saturday.

The "Montgomery" house has a middle-size Delhaize supermarket 50m away (1 min walk), as well as a big Carrefour Market 200m away. Both are open from Monday to Saturday from 8:00 am (Delhaize) or 9:00 am (Carrefour Market) to 8:00 pm. The Delhaize is also open on Sunday morning.

A bit further away (500m), there is a Deli-Traiteur at 147, Avenue des Volontaires in Woluwé-Saint-Pierre. It specialises in high-quality ready-made dishes. The main advantage is that it is open from 7:30am to 10pm and is also open on Saturday and Sunday (the closing day is Tuesday). If you need something after 10pm, there is a White Night (night shop) on the Montgomery roundabout.

Are there restaurants in the area ?

The neighbourhood around Villa Primavera "Royal Park" has many restaurants (see list) catering to government officials. Most of them are closed on Sunday, and some also on weekday evening. There are also many sandwich/panini shops and cafés around.

The Quartiere Montgomery also has many restaurants (see list), usually of high standards, but a bit more distant from each others. However, they are usually open both for lunch and dinner, as well as the weekend.

Which neighbourhood is more suitable for me ?

The Quartiere Montgomery is closer to the University of Brussels, and more convenient for people commuting to the airport or the suburbs (notably Woluwe and Tervuren) by car. If you go to work outside the city centre by car, then the Montgomery location is more convenient.

If you are visiting Brussels as a tourist, or work in the city centre, around Trone, Arts-Loi, Madou or Rogier station, the Residenza Parco Reale is more convenient.

Both locations are equally convenient to commute to the European District, be it the EU Commission area around Schuman, or the European Parliament around Brussels-Luxembourg station.

Apartments FAQ

Are the apartments suitable for everyone ?

Our apartments were furnished and equipped to meet the highest standards in the industry. All the equipment that one may need in daily life, from a bottle opener to an electric kettle can be found in any of our apartments. However, we do not have special facilities catering for babies, small children or people with disabilities. Note that there is no lift in the century-old townhouses of Villa Primavera. So if you have heart problems or are not fit enough to climb stairs, be wise enough to choose a ground-floor apartment.

What is the quality of your equipment ?

We choose our equipment from renowned and trustworthy companies only. All the mattresses used in Villa Primavera are from the famous French maker Literie Bultex (except the Japanese-style futon in Kamakura). The quilts are either by Essix (in Royal Park) or by Auping (in Montgomery), two highly reputed brands (respectively French and Dutch companies). The mattress of the sofa-bed in the Modena and Siracusa apartments are by Simmons.

All our coffee-makers, electric kettles, toasters are by Philips, and so are most TV sets and DVD players in Royal Park (Hitachi in Montgomery). Bigger appliances like refrigerators, microwaves, ovens, dishwashers or washing machines are made by Bosch, AEG, Electrolux, Whirlpool or Samsung, except some small refrigerators which are by Beko.

Are pets allowed ?

No. We love animals, but unfortunately we cannot take the risk of damaging the carpet or wooden floor in the apartments. Other customers may also complaint about the barking in the case of dogs.

Reservation FAQ

How can I reserve ?

Contact us for stays of more than 3 months. For shorter stays, you can make the booking online as follows :

  1. Browse our apartment listing to find the most suitable property for your needs.
  2. Check the availabilities on the calendar (we recommend using the "Check availability for all" button at the bottom).
  3. To reserve, select one available apartment, input your check-in and check-out dates, the number of guests, and click on "proceed".
  4. You will be able to review the total rate for the stay.
  5. On the next page, fill the form with your contact information. We ask for a credit card number as a guarantee in case of last minute cancellation, but card payment will only be done at check in.
  6. Send the form to complete the booking. You will received an automated invoice-style confirmation email.

How can I get the keys when I arrive ?

Villa Primavera is not a hotel and does not have a reception. Someone will be present to give you the keys and show you the apartment when you arrive. Please mention your arrival time along with your personal details when making the reservation online. If you aren't sure yet, you can let us know by email later, or even by SMS.

How long does it take for my reservation to be approved ?

If you reserve through our booking form, the programme automatically confirms your reservation and updates the availability calendar.

Is it safe to send my credit card information through the reservation form ?

Yes. Our reservation page is on a secured server. It is safer to send it this way than by email.

Will my credit card be charged ?

No. The payment will be made on arrival, either by card (Maestro and Visa Electron also accepted) or in cash. We only need your credit card number in case of last minute cancellation (see our Terms & Conditions).

I do not have a Visa or Mastercard, how can I reserve through your website ?

You can pay by bank transfer without a credit card if you reserve at least 2 weeks in advance. Your reservation will only be confirmed once we receive your payment. For stays up to two weeks, the payment should be made in full. For longer stays, only the first two weeks should be paid in advance to confirm the reservation. The remaining balance can be paid in cash, or through another bank transfer upon your arrival.

If you choose this option, please select the option "bank transfer" instead of "credit card" on the 3rd page of the booking form, You will receive our bank account information (IBAN and BIC for international transfers) for the payment with the confirmation of your booking.